Jamie Oliver’s Bath Restaurant nine months on

Jamies Italian Restaurant in Bath - The Terrace
Jamies Italian Restaurant in Bath - The Terrace

The general opinion amongst the locals is that Jamie Oliver’s Bath Restaurant is still a good thing. Standards are not quite as high as when it first opened, however things are still more than good enough. We visited a few days ago to check it out and on the whole we were happy. The breads were not quite as stunning as they were back in October, but the salads and pastas were fine – well up to standard. The staff were enthusiastic and efficient, and we also discovered that there is a small roof terrace upstairs.

Note that the popularity of the restaurant and the fact that small parties of less than 8 people cannot book means that queues continue to be an issue. Unusually when we visited we headed straight in, but that was just after noon on a Sunday.

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  • 29th August 2009 at 9:06 am

    I took my wife, as a treat on our 40th wedding anniversary to Jamies Italian in Bath. . The Pork Skewers we had were very dry and we simply could not eat them. They were full of breadcrumbs! We did complain to a memeber of staff who asked if we wanted another meal. However, by just eating two of the pork skerwers (out of 6) we were too full! However, we did ask for a got a doggie bag for the remaining pork skewers. We threw them away on returning home. We were not offered any discount on the meal which with drinks came to £55. We had a starter which was fine. Our server was fine and the service fair. But as a special treat for my wife it was a disaster! This is the second time we have been and probably won’t return.

  • 30th December 2009 at 6:37 pm

    I’m getting a bit fed up with the no-bookings policy at Jamie Oliver’s. I can’t see how this helps anyone other than the staff. Having rocked up at 12:20 today, waited 10 minutes in the rain to shuffle in, and then being told that we had a 40 minute wait in front of us we voted with our feet. The Moon and Sixpence was very nice (and warm).

  • 15th March 2010 at 10:06 pm

    If this is what you call Italian food, I feel sorry for you.
    I ve been to Italy and cater by local family, from both North and South, nothing like much which Jamie called ‘ITALIAN’
    Was really expecting as Jamie runs good show in the TV, however, not a good show when it comes to real food.
    I am not going to talk about the no booking policy since many people had already review that. Think about the really top restaurant, eg 3 Michelin stars in Paris – no booking policy ?
    We had bread to start with, it was burnt.
    We had 2 pasta dishese as main, both dishes wre cover with lots of cheese and apart from salty taste, I can taste nothing.
    I thought he just criticised those parents and school catering company for putting too much salt and put children’s health at risk and now, he is doing the same thing ?
    The pasta was dry, look like something been reheated again.
    Not impress.
    Not going back surly there are better Italian in Bath.

  • 8th June 2010 at 8:06 pm

    Visited for the first time today.Special occasion my friends 78th birthday.Staff were keen and attentive service good. Food, not too impressed small portions and we have had better Italian meals. My friend ordered the flash steak which turned out to be dried out and partial Grissel. On mentioning this to the waiter he was told his complaint was noted but nothing could be done about it in his case but the meat would be checked for future customers so that they did not have the same problem. No mention of discount or any other recompense. Not a good move as far as we were concerned as none of our party will be using this place again.Footnote Jamie,the chairs in the Italian restaurant are the most uncomfortable I have had the misfortune to sit on,including Mcdonalds.Maybe the seating is made so that you as a customer don’t hang around for long after you have finished the meal,Note that there was no queuing and few diners maybe this is significant on the quality

  • 2nd July 2010 at 3:17 pm

    Went there two times and had both very different experiences. First visit had very slow service. We didn’t even get our wine until 10-15 minutes after ordering. When our bread came out, the waitress poured olive oil into a little dish but wasn’t paying attention and oil overflowed and made an absolute mess on our table. They didn’t even bother cleaning it up until I mentioned it when our mains arrived. The food on whole was ok that night. 2 pasta dishes and a crispy seafood dish. The noodles were swimming in sauce in one of the dishes though.
    Night 2. Service was at a normal pace thankfully but it seemed most waiters/waitresses were running around like chickens with their heads cut off (seemed disorganized), but everything arrived on time. Now to the food. Funky chips were ok but not very funky (had expected something
    unique), pasta starter was tasty, but our main, the fish in a bag was very dissapointing. It claimed it came with mussels and clams, but only had two of each which were so overcooked it was like chewing an elastic band. The fish was also clearly overcooked, but the rice it came with was quite tasty.
    Overall I would not go back since they seem quite inconsistent and require a quality control system that ensures good service and well cooked food.

  • 20th August 2010 at 2:53 pm

    We went to Jamies restaurant with our family for our 40th Wedding Anniversary & we were all extremely pleased. The service was excellent (Thanks to Celine, our waitress). Celine was really nice, helpful & fun. There were 8 of us & we had only booked mid afternoon on the same day. (Yes, we were able to book). The service was quick & efficient & the food was delicious. We live in Cambridgeshire & we are all looking forward to visiting the Cambridge restaurant in the near future. Thanks Jamie & Celine.

  • 10th September 2010 at 11:35 am

    My friend and I had lunch at Jamie’s restaurant yesterday and as it was such a lovely day we ate out on the Terrace. First of all I have to say that our waitress, Marie, was absolutely brilliant. She kept our water carafe replenished throughout the meal and explained the menu fully to us. Not only did Marie take care of us but also most of the tables out on the Terrace and she was cheerful and attentive all the time. The food was absolutely delicious and we have no complaints whatsoever about the food or the service we received. Well done to everyone including the Chef. We will certainly be eating at Jamie’s restaurant again when next in Bath. Many, many thanks for a great eating experience.

  • 4th October 2010 at 9:33 pm

    Went to Jamie’s restaurant today for my birthday lunch. Had a fantastic meal, started with the bread selection and oil and vinegar which was plenty to share for 2, I had a gin cocktail, hubby a glass of house wine, we were offered iced water and this was replenished without asking, Had a succulent 1/2 baby organic chicken in tomatoes, capers and olive sauce ad the funky chips and green salad. Hubby enjoyed his battered fish on crispy noodles.
    Finished with a lovely chocolate tart decorated with dates, hubby coffee. Left full and satisfied for £55, great food and service.
    Would go again. Have been to Gary Rhodes, Rick Steins, John Burton-Race and others and this was on par with them
    well done Jamie and team.

  • 11th October 2011 at 1:42 pm

    Went for a friends birthday (in a group of 7).

    As you cannot book, unless a group of 8, we had to queue up. To be fair to the staff, they told us to come back in 45 minutes and they would have a table sorted. after going to the local public houses for 45 mins, we returned and were taken straight to our seats.

    Service was excellent, and the waitress seemed knowledgable of the dishes. Unfortunately, the food was not great. Cold chips, small portions and if you had a dish with sauce on it, you were left wondering if it had been burnt away. Won’t be going there again. Will stick to Aió or Martini for Italians in future.

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