Royal Crescent BathThe World Heritage Site of the City of Bath and the stunning countryside surrounding it is one of England’s most beautiful places to visit.

Bath is unique. Its hot springs, Roman Baths, splendid Abbey, magnificent Theatre Royal and Georgian stone crescents have attracted visitors for centuries. Set in rolling countryside, just over 100 miles west of London, it is a beautiful and unforgettable place to visit.

Bath has also had a long tradition of providing hospitality, and we aim to show the variety that is currently available in this visual guide to pretty much every place of refreshment in Bath. We hope that it will be a valuable resource for residents and visitors alike looking for places to breakfast, lunch, dine and drink. Please do feel free to contact us with any feedback, comments, or news items.

AquaBath Food and Drink has a history stretching back to 2004 as its roots are in the original Bath Pubs and Bath Restaurants websites. As the distinction between pubs and restaurants has become less over the years it seemed logical to merge both sites into a comprehensive refreshment repository for Bath and the surrounding area without any artificial boundaries.

The object of the site is to provide an image of food or drink establishments, usually as seen by a passer-by, with basic contact, category and wayfinding information. It is not for reviews (Tripadvisor and the like do this much better), but for browsing by armchair gourmets and dipsomaniacs.

The archive section holds a lot of information about Bath pubs and restaurants that have significantly changed or closed since 2004.