Curfew - Bath

The Curfew
11 Cleveland Place West

Tel: 01225 313747

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The Curfew was built in the 1820s and is on land, which formed part of William Pulteney’s estate. It was designed by Goodridge – builder of Beckford’s tower, and the nearby Cleveland Bridge. The original deeds to the property were signed by William Beckford in his Lansdown Crescent home, suggesting that he played an active rôle in the development of Cleveland Place, and the Curfew.

The building started life as a bookshop, but by 1837 it was John Snook’s Wine & Spirit Merchants. The Edwards family took over until the early 1930s, and the building remained a wine merchants until 1956, when it was granted a full licence. It was known as The Quadrant Wine & Spirit Merchants until the late 1960s, when it became The Curfew Inn.

Refurbished in 2016 it is now known as just the Curfew.…

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