One thought on “Hoi Faan

  • 20th November 2012 at 9:03 pm

    I came across some good reviews on this so not sure if this cafe/restaurant had changed hands since they were written, but I found this place truly bad, this is a review I have written on it –
    ‘For someone who is of chinese ethnic origin and grew up with this type of food, this place was awful. I’m usually quite good at scouting out places and at first it looked promising because there were a lot of asian people and the menu looked good even – lots of non-standard options. I ordered a house special noodles called something like ‘Cha Dong’ noodles chef special (£7.50) and it was an insult. It was like cheap packet noodles with some packet sauce, crap soy mince & a few sad looking pieces of cucumber on top. And they had poured too much thai sweet chilli sauce into, which was already odd. My friends did not do so much better either – a red bean ice that was ordered was made with UHT milk – which is the first I have ever encountered for this type of drink. Unfortunately I thought it was a total scam.’

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