Red or White – what a lovely lunch

£13.00 for a 3 courses lunch

Wasnt quite sure about it until I read this from their site
‘who formerly worked with Vito at the Bath Priory and was Head Chef at the Olive Tree’

so we decied to drive 30 mins to give it a try.
You know, Priory and Olive Tree? cant go wrong !
£13 cant go wrong

First step in, wow ! I thought we went into a wrong restaurant – fine dining decorated with relax atmosphere.
As you walk in further, wow ! again was really impress by the selection of wine they have.

The waiter was nice and friendly even we get there at 1.45pm (they close at 2pm, we call them said we were lost in Trowbridge, they kindly wait for us) It wasnt busy as expected there were 2 tables, 10 people in total was enjoying their meal.

We were given a set lunch menu with a variety of choice – ristto, ravioli, fish and beef.…

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