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  • 24th October 2010 at 2:37 pm

    Same location as what used to be the Shangri La Restaurant.

  • 28th November 2010 at 1:04 pm

    Went the other day with my friend, THe restaurant is lovely inside, so many things to look at whilst waiting for your food, the menu was interesting, and as a treat we got ourselves a starter, main and a cocktail.
    This was one of the best starters I have ever had at such a restaurant, we had battered king prawns with sweet chilli sauce (can’t remember the official name) and they were perfect. The batter was really light and they weren’t greasy and there wasnt horrible airpockets between the batter and the prawns. Also the King prawns were MASSIVE. And I do eat them quite often, so that is saying something.
    For my main I had the Chicken Katsu curry, usually I have this dish at Wagamamma’s a few doors down. I think I preferred Panasia’s. The curry sauce itself seemed a little spicier and more authentic. The one thing i will say is that the dish did contain some potatoes that reminded me of the salted ones you can get in tins. So that tarnished things a little bit for me.
    Finally the cocktails, We both got the same one, the were quite pricey and so I assumed that they would be quite large, as I prefer larger more ‘watered-down’ ones to really strong concentrated ones. But they were served in martinis glasses. I could tell they were good cocktails, just not really my thing as I dont really like Alcohol to be an obvious taste.
    All the same they looked pretty and were decorated with a floating star that was made out of pear. After the meal we got a voucher for a free cocktail on our next visit.
    Will definately go there again, even if just to stare at their lovely mosaic wall!

  • 14th December 2010 at 1:53 pm

    Went there last night and was a bit disappointed. Had been wanting to come here for ages as I have driven past so many times and stared in awe at how beautifully decorated it is inside.
    However, when my boyfriend and I arrived yesterday evening we walked into a very cramped (but pretty) restaurant. There was already a large party of about 10 and a couple dining, and the waitress wanted to seat us RIGHT next to the couple, so close in fact that they had nowhere to put their shopping, and after deciding we felt far too squashed sat right next to the door and the couple next to us, we asked to be moved.
    We were not given a dining menu until we had first ordered drinks (bizarre?) and those drinks were hugely overpriced, in particular the cocktails. As an avid cocktail drinker, I know that you don’t have to spend more than £6 to get a good cocktail in Bath. However, those on Panasia’s menu will set you back nearer the £8 mark, therefore I was expecting something extra special. Unfortunately, my drink arrived (some sort of lychee martini, I forget what it was called), and it was just average, very strong but not quite sweet enough, and served in such a tiny glass I could have downed it as a shot.

    So then we mulled over the dinner menu… The first thing that I noticed was the above average prices for such an establishment. We had not expected a cheap night out but some dishes were upwards of £15 and I was just a little anxious as to whether the standard of food would match the prices they were charging. Starters were also on average £6; we ended up ordering salt & pepper squid and Vietnamese spring rolls. They arrived and my boyfriend’s squid was lovely and well seasoned; my spring rolls were also nice, but nothing spectacular in relation to how much I paid for them. Our mains were a duck and rice dish with pak choi, and a chicken consomme on the side, and Korean pork with vegetables and miso soup. They were very good dishes and although I thoroughly enjoyed my meal, my boyfriend later said that the standard of cooking was no different from that at Wagamama’s.
    We didn’t bother ordering dessert as their menu consisted of those awful ordered-in frozen ice cream desserts that you find in your local Indian, a slight disappointment at the end of what would have been a nice, yet overpriced, evening.

    All in all, the food at Panasia is good but you can satisfy your tastebuds just as well at Wagamama’s or Yo Sushi for half the price, you’re really just paying for the decor and the nice plates here. Service is not amazing either, I appreciate that they may have been understaffed that evening as there was one beautifully dressed Thai waitress serving and another man that looked like he had been roped in last minute, wearing jeans and trainers with an Oriental robe type jacket thrown over the top, however we didn’t feel a warm or friendly dining service that you would normally expect from a small, independently run restaurant.
    I hope that the owners use this criticism to their advantage and make some changes, it really is a fantastic looking restaurant and I would hate to see it go down the drain!

  • 16th January 2011 at 12:49 pm

    We ate there last night.

    Decor is lovely, the food is tasty, though on the pricier side.

    However, we were charged over £100 more on our bill, luckily we checked it as it seemed high, when we told the staff it was over £100 more than it should be there was no real apology or embarrassment. After some thought we also felt that this £100 was not a mistake, the bill was not totalled at the bottom before service charge was added, but a round total of £300 was put on the bill for the final figure, almost as if they think charging £50 a head is normal. Seeing as some of our party weren’t drinking and the rest didn’t drink that much, it stuck out like a sore thumb.

    So before you leave, get your phones out and check they added your bill up correctly.

    Other than that, a nice Thai restaurant.

  • 16th February 2011 at 7:38 pm

    My girlfriend and I went to Panasia last Monday to celebrate Valentines Day. We choose the Japanese valentines set menu because it included a free champagne cocktail. The cocktail was yummy, so we had a couple more. I think it was called cherry blossom. The starters included yakitori chicken which was tastier and bigger than waggamama, just down the road and almost the same price. The salmon sashimi salad was amazing and the flavors well balanced. Their katsu curry is one of my favorite dishes now.
    The great food and friendly staff made valentines a memorable evening and only cost 60 quid. The waitress gave me 10 quid voucher which I will be most defiantly using next week.

  • 22nd April 2011 at 4:30 pm

    Been back to Panasia a couple more times. Glad they have started weekend lunch buffet, chance to try more of their dishes, and their sushi. Just love their salmon salad. There is just so much yummy food you can eat in 2hrs. Must try the japanese vodka and cucumber cocktail, I wish I could take it to Vicky park.

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