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  • 29th January 2011 at 2:33 pm

    After a gruelling Friday evening rush hour journey to Bath from Cheshire to move our daughter into her new home, all we wanted was a good meal. So from dropping off her belongings we walked to find somewhere to eat after Marmaris had been recommended by her housemate. We were warmly welcomed and duly ordered. A lovely plate of crudites arrived unordered with the warm pitta bread. The olives were lovely. We thoroughly enjoyed our starters and all this time the waiting staff were friendly and helpful. The mains were wonderful , the special lamb dish was excellent and as we ordered a dessert, Kate (who is addicted to it) asked if she could buy turkish delight from their takeaway next door, which caused great amusement. The dessert trolley arrived and we had baklava, which was fresh and moreish.Also a bowl of fresh fruit salad was put on the table to share .When the coffees came, three glasses of liquer came with it compliments of the house, and some turkish delight, but just as we were paying a box of the same was given to Kate. I can’t remember being so well attended in a restaurant by such lovely staff, the food was great as well. We had never been to Bath before, but when we visit Kate we will definitely eat there again, so will she and she will recommend it at her new workplace.

  • 25th July 2011 at 9:18 pm

    We regularly visit the Marmaris, the food is always fantastic and reasonably priced. We are always welcomed by all of the staff who are all hospitable and polite. A great resturant and well worth a visit

  • 19th March 2019 at 8:39 am

    Marmaris is currently closed, but is due to reopen in June under new management.

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