Hole in the Wall

Hole in the Wall - Bath Restaurant

Originally known as The Cellar, the venue was given the nickname Hole in the Wall by US servicemen just after the Second World War, and the name stuck.

Renowned as the birthplace for haute cusine in Britain, this legendary establishment was opened in 1952 by innovative chef and restauranteur George Perry-Smith with his partner Kit Hammond-Spencer. Perry-Smith introduced into British restaurant culture menus that were radically different from the norm in the 1950s, in terms of both the nature of the food and the range of dishes available.

He had no formal culinary training, but did have a natural talent for cooking. Taking inspiration from domestic cookery books, he developed many of his own recipes, but was also keen to follow the suggestions of the influential food writer Elizabeth David. Perry-Smith developed a drive for uncompromising excellence and was always anxious to buy fresh ingredients from local suppliers. He became widely acknowledged as the father of the best of post-war English cooking.

Perry-Smith sold the Hole in the Wall in 1972, and after travelling around Europe settled in Cornwall. He died in 2003 without writing a single cookery book.

The restaurant ceased trading as the Hole in the Wall in May 2012, but the premises were purchased and redeveloped as the Stable bar and restaurant.

Hole in the Wall Restaurant
16 George Street

Tel: 01225 425242

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Hole in the Wall

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  • 13th April 2013 at 10:28 am

    Currently closed, but due to open later this year as the restaurant has been bought by Stable Bar and Restaurant Ltd (a Doset based firm that specialises in cider and pizza) and a planning application has been submitted for alterations.

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